• Network Features
 –Network Address Translation (NAT)
  NAT allows multiple PCs to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) using a 
  single Internet access account.
 –Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Client Support: 
  If you are a DSL user, the router has a built-in PPPoE client for establishing a 
  DSL link connection with the ISP. There is no need to install a further PPPoE 
  driver on your computers.
 –Smart QoS
  The smart QoS provides stable voice quality while users access to Internet from 
  private LAN at the same time. This device would start suppressing throughput 
  automatically when VoIP call proceed and keep full speed access when there is no 
  VoIP traffic.
 –DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name Server)
  DDNS is a service that maps Internet domain names to IP addresses. It allows you 
  to provide Internet users with a domain name (instead of an IP Address) to access 
  your Virtual Servers.
 –Virtual Server
  Remote Users can access services such as the Web or FTP at your local site via 
  public IP addresses and can be automatically redirected to local servers 
  configured with private IP addresses. 

• VoIP Features
 –H.323 / SIP dual mode communication
 –SIP 2.0 (RFC3261), H.323v4 compliant
 –Peer-to-Peer / H.323 GK / SIP proxy calls
 –PSTN lifeline for emergency calls (VIP-1680 model)
 –Voice codec support: G.711(A-law / u-law), G.729 AB, G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps)
 –Voice processing: Voice Active Detection, DTMF detection, G.165/G.168 compliant 
  echo canceller, silence detection, FAX (T.38 / T.30) Mode Option
 –Built in adaptive buffer that helps to smooth out the variations in delay (jitter) 
  for voice traffic 
 –Voice channels status display: This function display each port status likes as on-
  hook, off-hook, calling number called number, talk duration, codec


Model VIP-1680
Hardware Specification
WAN 1x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port
LAN 1x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port
Voice 1x RJ-21 connector for connecting to telephone patch panel 8 x FXS, 8 x FXO
LED indicator System: 2, PWR/CPU
Voice 16, In-Use/Ringing
Dimensions W x D x H 440x 250 x 44 mm
Protocols and Standard
Standard H.323 v2/v3/v4 and SIP (RFC 3261) , SDP (RFC 2327),
Symmetric RTP, STUN (RFC3489), ENUM (RFC 2916), RTP
Payload for DTMF Digits (RFC2833), Outbound Proxy Support
Fax support T.30, T.38
Voice codec G.711(A-law /μ-law), G.729 AB, G.723 6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps
Voice Standard Voice activity detection VAD
Comfort noise generation CNG
G.165/G.168 Echo cancellation
Dynamic Jitter Buffer
Advanced Function Virtual Server, Smart QoS, IP TOS (IP Precedence) / DiffServ,
Build-in NAT router function
Network and Configuration
Access Mode Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP
Management Web, RS-232 Console, Telnet
Operating Environment 0-40degree C, 0~95% humidity
Power Requirement 110-240V AC 50/60Hz

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