• Product Features
 - Feature-rich telephone service over home or office Internet / Intranet connection
 - Cost-effective, easy-to-use Analog Telephone Adapter solution
 - Web-based utility and telephone keypad machine configuration
 - Remote administrator authentication
 - Voice prompt for machine configurations

• VoIP Features
 - SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) compliant
 - Voice codec: G.711(A-law /μ-law),G.729 AB, G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps)
 - FoIP: T.38 FAX Relay, G.711 Fax pass-through
 - QoS: IP TOS (IP Precedence) / DiffServ
 - Call Waiting / Hold / Resume / Transfer / Forward
 - 3-Way Conference / Caller ID Generation
 - VAD / CNG / Dynamic Jitter Buffer
 - SNMP v1/v2, TR-069 and Auto Provision

Hardware Specification
LAN 1x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port
FXS 1x RJ-11 connection
Dimensions W x D x H 94x 72 x 30 mm
Power Requirements 12V DC
Protocols and Standard
Standard SIP 2.0 (RFC3261), STUN (RFC 3489), UPnP, MD5 for SIP authentication RFC 2069 / RFC 2617
Voice codec G.711, G.723, G.729
Telephony Features Call Waiting
Call Hold / Resume
Call Transfer: Blind Transfer / Attended Transfer
Call Forward: On Busy Forward / No Condition forward / No Answer Forward
Call Screen: Incoming Call Screen (Reject or Forward
Incoming Call) / Outgoing Call Screen Blocking Outgoing Call
3Way Conference
Voice Standard Voice activity detection VAD
Comfort noise generation CNG
G.168: Line echo canceller LEC
Jitter Buffer
DTMF Detection and Generation
In-Band and Out-of-Band (RFC 2833), SIP INFO
QoS : IP TOS (IP Precedence) / DiffServ
FAX support : T.38 FAX Relay,G.711 Fax pass-through
Configuration & Management Web-based Graphical User Interface
Remote management over the IP Network
Web-based firmware upgrade
Backup and Restore Configuration file
SNMP v1/v2
Network and Configuration
Access Mode Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP
Management Web, Auto-provision
Operating 0-40Degree C, 10~95% Humidity

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