UC-CABU5e کابل شبکه یونیکام cat5e UTP

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تولید کننده: یونیکام
مدل کالا: UC-CABU5e
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Enhanced Category 5 Cable (UC-CABx5e)



UNICOM’s CABx5e is the first in a series of Category 5e structured wiring cables that allows for gigabit Ethernet transmission. As an evolution from Category 5 standards, Category 5e has been engineered to provide stable and continuous performance. As with all of the UNICOM cable line of Category products, this cable is engineered to perform under present network infrastructure environments as well as with built-in capacity for future expansion. Every reel is tested for electrical performance compliance and guaranteed improved NEXT, PS-NEXT, ACR, PS-ACR.


- Universally accepted design for global commercial network installations
- Simplified structured cabling solution preserving long-term network investment
- Warranted, trouble-free cabling installation and maintenance


- IEEE 802.3: 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100Base-TX (Fast Ethernet), 10Base-T
- 52/155 Mbps ATM
- 4/16 Mbps Token Ring
- ANSI X3.263: 100 Mbps


Standard Compliances
- ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 (Category 5e)
- ISO/IEC 11801 Class D
- UL

Technical Characteristics
- Mutual Capacitance (Max.): 5.6nF/100m
- Capacitance, unbalance (Max.): 330pF/100m
- Velocity of Propagation: 68 %
- Delay Skew: 45  ns/100m

cat5e00 table

Ordering code* Description
UC-CABU5e Category 5e Solid UTP Cable
UC-CABF5e Category 5e Solid FTP Cable
UC-CABS5e Category 5e Solid S-FTP Cable
UC-CABU5e(P) Category 5e Stranded UTP Patch Cable
UC-CABF5e(P) Category 5e Stranded FTP Patch Cable
UC-CABS5e(P) Category 5e Stranded S-FTP Patch Cable

* Orders are taken in 1000 feet measurement.


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