UC-CPL-STSC2 کاکنکتور فیبر نوری یونیکام

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تولید کننده: یونیکام
مدل کالا: UC-CPL-STSC2
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Fiber Optic Inline Coupler (UC-CPL)

UNICOM’s Fiber Optic In-Line Coupler is an ultra reliable device featuring low insertion loss and high return loss. The High quality meets your requirements, assuring you of the efficiency when you are using assemblies extending connections on Single-Mode and Multi-Mode connectors.


- Eliminates cable splicing
- Offers SC, MT-RJ and ST
- Offered with dust caps
- Ensures low insertion loss (~0.05 dB)


- Interconnect applications
- Fiber Optic Patch Panels
- Fiber Optic Face Plates


Ordering code Description
UC-CPL-MT MT-RJ Ceramic Inline Coupler
UC-CPL-STSC ST-SC Ceramic Inline Coupler
UC-CPL-SSC2 Duplex SC Ceramic Inline Coupler
UC-CPL-MSC2 Duplex SC Bronze Inline Coupler



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