UC-CABU6A کابل شبکه یونیکام cat6a UTP

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مدل کالا: UC-CABU6A
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Category 6A Cable (UC-CABx6A)



UNICOM’s CABx6A cable provides the market with a cost effective, high-bandwidth and high performance cabling. As next generation cable, it is capable of meeting the demanding requirements for 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T).
This breakthrough cable technology has been specifically designed to reduce "alien-crosstalk" and its effect on 10GBASE-T networks. Alien crosstalk is the coupling interference that comes from nearby cables or other electrical devices. Alien crosstalk has been defined by IEEE as the dominant noise source that will affect 10GBASE-T performance. This cable is designed for applications up to 500 MHz and provides transmission performance meeting Category 6A specifications and is a good choice for supporting applications requiring high bandwidth: such as data centers, serverfarms,
storage area networks, and campus backbones.


- Capable of supporting 10GBASE-T networks & handling the next generation network applications
- Power sum characterization gives highest performance using existing applications
- Provides additional bandwidth required for future applications
- Capable of handling Multimedia, broadband and baseband video signals


- IEEE 802.3: 10GBase-T, 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100Base-TX (Fast Ethernet), 10Base-T
- 2.4/1.2 Gbps ATM
- 4/16 Mbps Token Ring
- ANSI X3.263: 100 Mbps
- 3D imaging, Broadband & Baseband analog video
- Digital Video


Standard Compliances
- Category 6A
- TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 & ISO/IEC 11801

 Technical Characteristics
- Conductor resistance (?/100m @ 20°C): 6.85
- DC resistance unbalance (%): 5
- Mutual Capacitance (pF/m): 58
- Pair-to-ground capacitance unbalance (pF/100m): 33
- Delay skew (ns/100m): 25
- Insertion Loss (dB/100m): 1.82 * ?f + 0.091 * f +0.25/?f
- Input Impedance (?): 100 ± 10,15,22%



Ordering code* Description
UC-CABU6A Category 6A Solid UTP Cable
UC-CABU6A (H) Category 6A Solid UTP LSZH Cable
UC-CABF6A Category 6A Solid F-FTP Cable
UC-CABF6A (H) Category 6A Solid F-FTP LSZH Cable

*Orders are taken in 1000 feet measurement.


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