UC-CABU6-H کابل شبکه یونیکام cat6 UTP LSZH

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مدل کالا: UC-CABU6-H
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Category 6 Cable (UC-CABx6)



UNICOM’s CABx6 cable provides the market with a ‘cost effective’, high-bandwidth and high performance cabling solution for more robust and complex applications at gigabit speed and full duplex transmissions. With guaranteed performance that meets Category 6 cable requirements, UNICOM CABx6 allows for simplified electronics leading to cost efficiencies in network investment. The CABx6 solution provides a high speed, high-performance cable system infrastructure with warranty assurance for advanced applications demanding more bandwidth.


- Capable of handling the next generation network applications which will utilize full duplex operation and/or simultaneous bidirectional transmission
- Power sum characterization gives highest performance using existing applications
- Provides additional bandwidth required for future applications
- Addition of balance requirements improves overall cable performance and reduces cable emissions which results in reduced transmission errors
- Capable of handling full broadband and baseband video signals


- IEEE 802.3: 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100Base-TX (Fast Ethernet), 10Base-T
- 1.2 Gbps ATM
- 4/16 Mbps Token Ring
- ANSI X3.263: 100 Mbps
- Broadband & Baseband analog video
- Digital Video


Standard Compliances
- ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 (Category 6)
- ISO/IEC 11801 Class E
- UL


Technical Characteristics
- Input Impedance (0.772~250MHz): 100±15 Ohms
- Mutual Capacitance: 4.8nF/100m
- Capacitance, unbalance (Max): 160pF/100m
- Velocity of Propagation: 0.7c (Solid)


Ordering code* Description
UC-CABU6 Category 6 Solid UTP Cable
UC-CABF6 Category 6 Solid FTP Cable
UC-CABS6 Category 6 Solid S-FTP Cable
UC-CABU6(H) Category 6 Solid UTP LSZH Cable
UC-CABF6(H) Category 6 Solid FTP LSZH Cable
UC-CABS6(H) Category 6 Solid S-FTP LSZH Cable

 *Orders are taken in 1000 feet measurement.


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