UC-FPC-SCMT-50-07 پچ کورد فیبر یونیکام 2.5متری مالتی مد SC to MTRJ 2.5m(7FT) MM 50 om3

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تولید کننده: یونیکام
مدل کالا: UC-FPC-SCMT-50-07
موجودی: در انبار

Fiber Optic Patch Cord (UC-FPC)

UNICOM’s Fiber Patch Cords can be ordered in various lengths with any standard connectors. They are available either in multimode or singlemode fiber. UNICOM Fiber Patch Cords are available with any standard ceramic connectors including MT-RJ, LC & SC. UNICOM Fiber Patch Cords can be ordered in various custom lengths in addition to the standard lengths displayed.
When high density is required, UNICOM recommends the duplex MT-RJ and LC based products. Optical fiber choices include singlemode and multimode in both 62.5/125 and the new 50/125 core sizes.


- Offers all common fiber types
- Offers with dust caps
- Ensures that all polished surfaces are free from defects
- Ensures low loss connections


Standard Compliances
- ITU, IEC and EIA/TIA-FOTP spec.
- UL (OFNP & OFNR) flame retardant rating


Ordering code* Description
UC-FPC-SCSC-dd-ll SC to SC Fiber Optic Ptach Cord
UC-FPC-SCLC-dd-ll SC to LC Fiber Optic Ptach Cord
UC-FPC-SCMT-dd-ll SC to MT Fiber Optic Ptach Cord
UC-FPC-LCLC-dd-ll LC to LC Fiber Optic Ptach Cord

-dd (Fiber Diameter)= 09 (Single Mode 9/125µ), 50 (Multi Mode 50/125µ), 62 (Multi Mode 62.5/125µ)

-ll (Length in Feet)= 07, 15 & 30


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