UC-PNL5e-16 پچ پنل یونیکام 16 پورت cat5e

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تولید کننده: یونیکام
مدل کالا: UC-PNL5e-16
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Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panel (UC-PNL5e)


DescriptionUC-PNL5eUNICOM’s Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panel series is designed for users that demand the latest Category 5 network system. Enhanced Category 5 (UTP) Unshielded Twisted Pair is engineered and has become a must for complex applications and systems demanding for increased bandwidth. Choosing a cabling infrastructure performance that can meet tomorrow's high-speed applications is very important. UNICOM introduces Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panel characterized by using optimum Power Sum crosstalk in electrical performance parameters which some Systems of full duplex operating over four pairs deal with. These electrical characteristics include Power-Sum NEXT, Power-Sum ACR, etc. Enhanced Category 5 Patch panel also features reduced attenuation, pair to pair NEXT margin over Category 5 standard. Improves balance by 10db compared to UNICOM's category 5 Patch Panel. Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panel is comprised of EIA/TIA-568-A standard and tested up to 350Mhz.


- PCB Material: FR4 94-V0 0.06"
- Plate Material: Steel
- Dimensions: 16 port: 1.75"(H)x19"(W)x1.32"(D)
                      24 port: 1.75"(H)x19"(W)x1.32"(D)
                      48 port:3.50"(H)x19"(W)x1.32"(D)
                      96 port:7.00"(H)x19"(W)x1.32"(D)
- Interface: RJ-45 and 110D4
- Modular Jack: PCB Mount jack W/captive pine


- IEEE 802.3 , IEEE 802.5 , 100Base-TX , 100 Mb/s TPPMD , 155 Mb/s ATM , 622 Mb/s ATM , Digital Video

Ordering code* Description
UC-PNL5e-nn CAT-5e Patch Panel

-nn= Number of ports: 16, 24, 48 & 96

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