UC-PLT-FB سوکت دیواری فیبر نوری یونیکام SC

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تولید کننده: یونیکام
مدل کالا: UC-PLT-FB
موجودی: در انبار

Fiber Optic Face Plate (UC-PLT-FB)

The Mounting Box offers a mounting surface for face plates with no need for patch panel and rack. It attaches to surfaces with supplied screws or type, or may be attached to metal surface with magnets. For the further application, it includes fiber storage. Knockouts provide cabling access from all four sides and rear in several sizes.





-4.47” x 4.57”



Ordering code* Description
UC-PLT-FB-cc US Type fiber face plate
UC-MBX-US-MG-cc US Type surface mount box with magnet

 -cc = BG-Beige, WT-White


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